As we look forward, the UK is at a critical juncture in history. How we invest, do business and upgrade our national assets will determine if, as a country, we thrive on the global stage or risk falling behind. The decisions we make now, matter for families, businesses and the economy.

Many of us have experienced the frustration of delays to air travel. Waiting to take off on holiday. Circling in stacks before landing on the way to an important business trip. Waiting an extra day for an urgent delivery. And so, we need to ensure our airspace – our infrastructure in the sky – keeps people and goods moving as efficiently as possible. For today, and in the future.

That is why the national programme of modernising and upgrading the UK’s airspace is happening now as laid out in the Government’s Airspace Modernisation Strategy published in December 2018.


By simplifying UK airspace, we are making it more efficient. It will deliver more precise and more direct routes, less delays and less congestion. It will mean fewer delays for holidaymakers, business passengers and cargo alike – a more comfortable and stress-free experience for everyone. And importantly, it will allow the UK’s aviation sector to continue its role in building the UK’s reputation as a country that punches above its weight globally. Reinforcing that the UK is a great place to visit and do business, attracting investment, tourists and the global trading opportunities Britain needs to succeed.

Our Future Skies brings together a number of aviation stakeholders, including UK airports, NATS, the Airspace Change Organising Group (ACOG), Airlines UK, and the Airport Operators Association to explain the work we're doing to modernise the UK’s airspace.

This is a complex process to undertake. But just like the major infrastructure projects that continually improve our national road and railway networks, modernising and upgrading the UK’s airspace is of vital importance to the UK’s reputation for trade, business and investment.

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