Our future skies will benefit you



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Our future skies will have room for more frequent flights to the destinations we love – and possibly more destinations to choose from!

The price of flights could decrease as less fuel will be needed to travel and competition between airlines could increase.



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One in three flights will be delayed by more than 30 minutes by 2030 if we do not act now.

If we do not modernise our skies, there will be 50 times more delays than there are today.

The new technology will make our planes more resilient to bad weather, so you won’t have to worry as much about delays and cancellations because of a troublesome forecast!



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We rely on our skies for imports of vital medical items like blood and medicine. These deliveries need to be made within 48 hours in order to be effective. If we fail to modernise our skies, these essential supplies could be severely impacted by the flight delays.

Fresh fruit and veg, like the oranges, apples and pears in our supermarkets, are often brought in on planes from across the globe. If we don’t modernise, we may face shortages of the products we love as deliveries will decreasingly arrive ‘just in time’.