Our future skies will benefit you and your business


Helping your local business

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One in five small businesses export goods across the globe. This number could increase with the help of modernisation, while also keeping Britain competitive in a global market.

Business trips abroad will be less at risk of delay, and more destinations for business travel may become available.

Airports across the country provide thousands of jobs within local communities. Modernising our skies would safeguard these jobs, while also creating the opportunity to produce new ones.


Helping Britain thrive across the globe

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With the possibility of new destinations opening up as a result of modernising our airspace, there will be more opportunities for British businesses to export goods and services around the world.

As the UK leaves the EU and begins to forge its own trade deals around the world, the country’s aviation sector and accessibility to the world will be more important than ever.

With more efficient routes in the sky, the tourism industry will likely see a boost, as it will be easier and more convenient for people, across the world, to travel to the UK.