ACOG publishes 2020 Annual report

While the past year has been immensely challenging for the aviation industry and the airspace change programme, ACOG is pleased to report a number of key successes during 2020. You can download a full copy of the 2020 ACOG Annual Report here.

The report outlines progress in a number of key areas over the last year:

  1. Published the ‘Remobilising Airspace Change ’ report which set out clear recommendations to ensure the future viability of the programme in light of the pandemic.
  2. Obtained national support for the programme with a formal response to our report from the Government accepting three of our recommendations in July 2020 before the remaining seven were responded to in March 2021.
  3. Secured £5.5 million in government funding to support the remobilisation of the programme from April 2021.
  4. Worked with airspace sponsors to collate information on the potential number and location of interdependencies – a key part of our remit. This work continues in depth this year.
  5. Developed an inclusive framework for quantifying and tracking the impacts and benefits of the component Airspace Change Programmes.
  6. Engaged with a variety of stakeholders across Westminster, Whitehall and those involved in the development of the Masterplan. With the Programme being such a collaborative exercise across many different groups, this engagement will be vital to its success.

With the Government having committed to bridge funding for the Programme, ACOG is now committed to getting the programme back up and running, ensuring that the airspace modernisation programme –a critical national infrastructure project for the country – is one that delivers for the UK.