Airspace Change Organising Group - ACOG

The Airspace Change Organising Group (ACOG) was set up in 2019 and has been commissioned by the Department for Transport (DfT) and the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to coordinate the redesign of airspace in the UK, which forms part of the Government’s Airspace Modernisation Strategy.

ACOG is headed up by Mark Swan and reports into a Steering Committee, chaired by Sir Timo Anderson.

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NATS is the UK’s major air traffic control provider, responsible for safely managing airspace across the country.

As part of the airspace modernisation programme NATS will be re-designing the network of routes in upper airspace above 7,000ft, and will work closely with airports to ensure their low-level routes knit seamlessly into the upper network.

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The Airport Operators Association - AOA

The Airport Operators Association (AOA) is the trade association for UK airports and, as part of this airspace modernisation programme, helps co-ordinate airports’ communications and supports strategic oversight of the programme.

The AOA’s members include over 50 airports and more than 150 associate members, made up of companies representing a wide range of suppliers in the aviation industry.

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Airlines UK

Airlines UK is the trade body for UK registered airlines, with members representing all sectors of the industry. In total, Airlines UK represent 14 carriers including British Airways, EasyJet, DHL, Ryanair, Flybe, 2Excel and Jet2.com.

Airlines UK work across the sector to promote the interests of UK airlines and encourage long-term and sustainable growth.

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Our process

Learn more about the process that must be followed before any changes are made to flight paths.

Why modernise?

Find out why airspace is so crucial to the UK’s infrastructure and why it must be improved.

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Get all the latest information and documentation around airspace modernisation.

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